Telegram error

Marcin3 years ago

Jst looking in forum for news and saw this thread. Then my log and then mention that i dont get a traccar message since yesterday.
So: Same problem here.

So if i understood correct: I have to disable the withcoming Java, install new 8 v 241 and map it to start in systemd.

dennis3 years ago


Yes correct!

Marcin3 years ago

OK, but with "apt-get install default-jdk" i get version 11, will this work to? or do i need specialy 8 v 241

Anton Tananaev3 years ago

Try it.

dennis3 years ago

I am using that. Works fine.

Marcin3 years ago

Cool. Working fine with 11.
And for newbies like me: "systemctl daemon-reload"

Anders Yuran3 years ago

How do you force the Traccar server to work with the java version on the server?

dennis3 years ago

Please read the first page

deep2 years ago

TRACCAR on Raspberry Pi [Debian 9.9] with Telegram Notification

  1. LogIn to your RPi and then verify the service status and stop it!
    sudo systemctl status traccar.service
    sudo systemctl stop traccar.service
  2. Locate the /etc/systemd/system/traccar.service
    edit the line which has ExecStart with nano or favorite text editor
    ExecStart=/opt/traccar/jre/bin/java -jar tracker-server.jar conf/traccar.xml
    ExecStart=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-armhf/bin/java -jar tracker-server.jar conf/traccar.xml
    Save and Exit and then run:
    systemctl daemon-reload
  3. Start TRACCAR service with:
    sudo systemctl start traccar.service
  4. Enjoy working Telegram notifications
HJvD2 years ago

I'm running Traccar on a Windows 2019 Server as a service. Is there anyone who can help me solving this problem (WARN: Telegram API error - Received fatal alert: handshake_failure - SSLHandshakeException (...)) by writing a step-by-step script?

I already installed Java, how can I make Traccar to work with that?

shyy2 years ago

Install Java for windws repositories


Navigate to the service, then modify the image name to reflect the new path

As always, make a backup of the system PRIOR.


C:\Program Files\Traccar\jre\bin\java.exe -Duser.dir="C:\Program Files\Traccar" -jar "C:\Program Files\Traccar\tracker-server.jar" --service ".\conf\traccar.xml"


C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_241\bin\java.exe -Duser.dir="C:\Program Files\Traccar" -jar "C:\Program Files\Traccar\tracker-server.jar" --service ".\conf\traccar.xml"
HJvD2 years ago

Many thanks shyy. This is working for me.

However, this is working as long as Java is not updated and its map-name is altered. You know if there is coming a permanent fix for this problem?