Traccar 3.0

June 27, 2015

Long-awaited new version of web interface is finally ready. Version 3.0 of Traccar GPS tracking system is available for download.

WARNING: it includes a lot of major changes since last release, so I expect that there will be a fair amount of bugs especially on the web side. So, if you need stability I would recommend to skip this release.

WARNING: database structure has changed, so if you want to keep your data, you need to copy data from old database tables to the new ones.

This is a first major update in a long time. The main feature is the completely rewritten in pure JavaScript web interface. For initial release the target was to implement same functionality as the old version, so there is not much difference in terms of new user visible features.

There are a lot of under the hood changes and improvements:

New web interface is based on ExtJS 5.1 JavaScript library and OpenLayers library version 3 for map drawing. Initial release points to the debug versions of the libraries to allow easier investigation of possible problems, but in future it will use minified versions to improve performance even more.

In addition to that there are quite a few bug fixes and of course support for new protocols:

One of the features planned for the next release is support for commands. I expect it to be ready soon, so Subscribe to get notified about new releases and other updates.

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