Latest Server Release

Latest official release of Traccar GPS tracking system. Release package includes device communication back-end and web interface.

Operating SystemFileDate
Windows x64traccar-windows-64-4.5.zip4-May-2019
Linux x64traccar-linux-64-4.5.zip4-May-2019
Linux ARMtraccar-linux-arm-4.5.zip4-May-2019
Other (manual installation required)traccar-other-4.5.zip4-May-2019

Mobile Applications

Traccar ClientTurns any smartphone into a GPS tracker
Traccar ManagerNative Traccar app for Android and iOS

Previous Server Releases

Traccar 4.54-May-2019
Traccar 4.428-Apr-2019
Traccar 4.32-Feb-2019
Traccar 4.210-Nov-2018
Traccar 4.120-Oct-2018
Traccar 4.005-Aug-2018
Traccar 3.1726-May-2018
Traccar 3.1610-Mar-2018
Traccar 3.1509-Dec-2017
Traccar 3.1402-Sep-2017
Traccar 3.1309-Jul-2017
Traccar 3.1208-Jul-2017
Traccar 3.1114-Apr-2017
Traccar 3.1011-Feb-2017
Traccar 3.910-Dec-2016
Traccar 3.819-Nov-2016
Traccar 3.710-Sep-2016
Traccar 3.609-Jul-2016
Traccar 3.517-Apr-2016
Traccar 3.404-Mar-2016
Traccar 3.323-Dec-2015
Traccar 3.214-Nov-2015
Traccar 3.109-Aug-2015
Traccar 3.027-Jun-2015
Traccar 2.1217-Apr-2015
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