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Turn any smartphone into a GPS tracker

Traccar Client for Android

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Traccar Client for iOS

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Traccar Client for Android

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By default the apps are configured to use a demo server. To track your device using demo server visit and add your device with unique identifier you see in the app.

Traccar Client is fully compatible with Traccar Server and you can use it with your own hosted instance of Traccar. Other popular GPS tracking platforms also fully support Traccar Client.

* In addition to standard version available on the Google Play, Traccar Client for Android comes in a special hidden version. It includes modifications to make the app less visible to the phone's owner. Name is changed from "Traccar Client" to "Device Settings". Default Android settings icon is used as an app icon. After first start, the app removes itself from the launcher on older versions of Android. To open it again dial 8722227 (TRACCAR).