Traccar 3.1

August 9, 2015

Version 3.1 of Traccar GPS tracking system is available for download.

Minimum version of Java required for the server starting from this release is 7. There main reason is that many third party libraries used by Traccar are migrating to newer versions of Java. The second reason is that there might be security issues with Java 6 and JVM providers no longer release fixes for it. Even Java 7 has reached end of public updates earlier this year, so I highly recommend to update to Java 8 if possible.

Key new features for this release are:

The biggest and one of the most awaited features is support for commands. There was very little testing of the functionality as I don't have actual devices to test, so some command can work incorrectly or don't work at all. Please try and report any issues. Currently only four protocol are implemented: GPS103, GT06, Suntech and Totem. Four commands are supported (some protocols support only subset of commands):

Next important feature of this release is support for localization. Currently translations to the following languages are included: German, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai and Chinese. Please report any incorrect translations. If you are interested in adding your language please translate this file and send me the result (ideally as a pull request).

Slightly less visible feature and more technical feature is compilation and compression of web interface. Previous release included debug version of web interface which contains multiple files with extra comments and formatting. To include interface loading time all JavaScript is now combined into a single file and compressed. Debug version is still available if necessary via "debug.html" page.

Last noticeable feature is support for preferences. Administrator can set server-wide preferences and each user can override those for their own account. Preferences include selection of map layer, initial map position, initial zoom and measurement units. Now it's possible to switch to Bing Map layer (road or satellite views) if default Open Street Map data quality is low in your area.

In addition to that there are multiple small bug fixes and improvements and a couple of new protocols:

Database schema has been slightly changed since version 3.0. You can find an upgrade script for MySQL here.

There are many exciting new features planned for next release. Subscribe to get notified.

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