Traccar 3.10

February 11, 2017

Traccar GPS tracking server version 3.10 is now available for download.

Among many smaller improvements, this release includes following major features:

Each user is able to add one or more calendars to his account. At this point calendars can be used only for limiting geofences to particular schedule, but in future the feature can be extended to work with other modules. For example, maintenance schedule management is a good candidate.

Another major improvement is addition of manager user role. Each user now has a limit for users he can create. If the limit is more than zero, it means that user is a manager and he can register and manage his own users. Device limit of the manager applies to the users create by that manager. There is also a flag for disabling device modification, so admin can disallow it for any user account.

New communication protocols in this release:

There is another important announcement that is not related to a specific version of the server. There is now an official company behind Traccar project. We provide various services including customization and hosted instances of Traccar server. Please check pricing page. Significant part of the revenue goes to support the open source project, so by purchasing any services from us, you help developing Traccar project further.

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