Traccar 3.11

April 14, 2017

Traccar GPS tracking server version 3.11 is available for download.

The biggest new feature in this release is support for SMS communication. This includes SMS notifications, commands and receiving events from devices. To use this feature you need to set up SMPP server details in the configuration file. Check official documentation for more details.

Another noticeable change in this release is modification to most dialog windows. There were too many fields in many dialogs (e.g. user), so we decided to split fields into sections. One non-collapsable section contains required parameters and all other sections are split by areas. This change should also help with understanding which fields are optional and which are not.

Server-wide device readonly flag allows administrator to disable device modifications for all the users, but still leave all other functionality available. This option is useful in cases when GPS tracking provider does not want to allow users to add arbitrary devices to their accounts.

In earlier versions reports and notification that are generated on the server side always included server time because there was no way for user to specify local timezone. Now each user can set up his timezone preference which will be respected for everything generated on the server side.

A few new map layers were added to the interface, including Yandex (Russia) road and satellite maps and Baidu (China) road maps. This should help improve quality of maps, especially in some regions like China, and provide more options to choose from.

There were number of smaller fixes, improvements and additions. For example, there is a new geolocation provider option and a fix for common issues with H02 protocol.

New devices communication protocols in this release:

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