Traccar 3.14

September 2, 2017

Traccar GPS tracking server version 3.14 is available for download.

Biggest new feature in this release is support for drivers. Interface is very similar to geofences. You can create drivers with unique ids and link them to groups and devices. Driver information will show in various reports. There is also a new notification for driver change event.

Another big change that might be unnoticable for regular users is refactoring of database management. We have simplified, unified and improved logic behind object management. Some configuration parameters have been renamed, so please double-check your config if you customized any SQL queries. In short term there might be some small issues because of such massive change, but in the long term it will save us a lot of time on new features. It also makes it easier to customize and extend Traccar server yourself.

New release has some changes to motion detection events. They now work similar to reports and have configurable time threshold. Traccar also respects motion sensor input if device reports it.

Trips and stops reports now share logic with motion detection events, so you should be getting more consistent results for both events and reports. Another improvement in reports is that Traccar now uses ignition information to detects stops and parking state, so if your device supports it, you should get even better reports in new Traccar version.

There are many other smaller improvements. Here are just some of them:

Another feature that's worth mentioning is features configuration. For example if you use Traccar for personal or pet tracking, you don't want UI to be cluttered with all vehicle-related information and functionality. Traccar now allows you to disable features that you don't use.

New protocols in Traccar 3.14:

There are also some other exciting news I want to share. First is that we have deployed another demo server (demo 5). I know some people were interested in a server in Europe, so now you have it. Second piece of news is that we are working on new version of mobile apps. New Traccar Client for Android is already rolling out with many improvement over last release. There will be a separate release announcement for mobile apps when iOS version is ready.

As you probably noticed, there is also a new much faster website. If you have any issues with it, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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