Traccar 3.17

May 26, 2018

Traccar GPS server version 3.17 is available for download.

The biggest highlight of this release is improvement to maintenance feature. Now it's possible to have several maintenance schedules per device and any numerical attribute can be used to track maintenance. For example, it can be OBD odometer, server-calculated distance or even fuel consumption. In the next we plan to expand this feature to support engine hours maintenance as well. You can also get creative and utilize this feature for something like tracking number of steps milestones with devices that support pedometer feature.

Other notable points of this release:

Traccar 3.17 includes some minor user interface tweaks and back-end improvements to make system more robust and easy to use. There were a lot of improvement to various communication protocols, but also, in keeping with tradition, we added support for quite a few new GPS protocols:

We also want to share some good news on the partnerships front. Galileosky, a well known GPS tracking hardware vendor, now officially supports Traccar system. Feel free to contact them if you want to order devices or have some questions about compatibility and integration with Traccar.

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