Traccar 3.4

March 3, 2016

Traccar GPS server version 3.4 is available for download.

This release mostly includes minor fixes and improvements over the previous version. There have been some insignificant changes to the REST API to make it easier to integrate new mobile apps. Android version of Traccar Manager app is in alpha testing phase and should be available on Google Play soon. iOS version is still in active development and will be coming some time after Android app.

One of the most popular protocols used by various GPS trackers is GL200. Since last version it has been completely re-implemented to allow decoding of all additional data including battery, odometer and other extra attributes. If you encounter any problems after update, please report an issue.

With the last update Traccar introduced automatic database migrations using Liquibase library, but there were number of problems because of complexity involved in supporting older versions. So the decision has been made to remove support for upgrade from older versions. You can upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4, but if you want to upgrade from older 3.x version, you would have to upgrade to 3.3 first and then to the latest from there.

If you want to add new localization to Traccar or fix any issues in the current translations, please see Traccar project on Transifex platform. New version includes following new languages:

AutoFon45 protocol has been combined with AutoFon protocol. Also, as always this new release includes some new protocols:

New mobile apps are coming soon to complement Traccar web interface. To be up to date with Traccar project news and updates subscribe to the newsletter.

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