Traccar 3.5

April 17, 2016

Traccar GPS tracking server version 3.5 is available for download.

This version of Traccar server includes one new major feature - device groups. In addition to that there are many bug fixes to existing protocols and features, and some stability improvements.

Starting from this release Traccar drops support for old web API. You should be using new REST API. For more information on the new API please see documentation page. There is swagger file available for convenience as it allows to automatically generate clients for many platforms including web, Android and iOS.

Main new feature implemented in version 3.5 is device groups. You can now organize devices into groups. It's also possible to have multi-level hierarchy of groups. Unfortunately because of some technical issues (ExtJS framework bugs), I couldn't implement a tree view instead of old grid. There is group filtering field at the bottom of devices panel to switch between groups. Tree view option is available in git source code history if someone wants to experiment with it.

Version 3.5 brings some other minor new features and improvement for web UI as well. There is now an option to switch to 12-hour time format instead of international 24-hour default preference. New text filtering field at the bottom of devices panel allows to search devices by name in case user has a large number of GPS tracking devices.

This release also includes new localization options. If you want to help with translating Traccar web UI or phone apps, please see Traccar project on Transifex website.

New devices communication protocols in 3.5:

New Android mobile app called Traccar Manager has been available on the Google Play store for some time now. It's still in a very early stage of development and many features are missing, but I plan to gradually improve it in terms of available functionality. iOS version is still in development and hopefully will be available on the App Store later this year.

There are many new features and improvement on the roadmap for Traccar project. If you want to receive updates, please subscribe to the newsletter.

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