Traccar 4.0

August 5, 2018

Version 4.0 of Traccar GPS tracking platform is available for download.

First point I want to address is the reason behind major version update. Traccar device communication layer is heavily based on Netty network library (originally developed by JBoss). For a long time we have used outdated versions 3.x of the library, which are not updated anymore. With this release we upgraded Traccar to use latest version 4.x of Netty. Along with many smaller improvements and bug fixes, it should bring us better performace. The drawback is that is caused vast code changes for all protocols and might not be as stable at first.

Other notable features and improvements in this release:

As usual there were a lot more smaller improvements and bug fixes, including fix to the report exports.

New protocols in Traccar 4.0:

This release might not look so big from the end user point of view, but from development side it's one of the biggest releases and affects all supported protocols.

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