Traccar 5.0

May 23, 2022

A new major version of Traccar server is availale for download. Version 5.0 features modern web app as the default.

We have been working on the modern app for a long time now and we feel it's finally in a good state to replace the legacy app. Some smaller features might still be missing and it will be less stable at the beginning, but all major functionality should be available and we plan to fix issues very quickly as they come up. For now there's an option to switch back to the legacy app from the login screen, but please give the modern app a try and report any issues.

Another big project we're actively working on is removal of internal in-memory cache, which will allow Traccar to finally scale horizontally. As a part of this work we're changing the database management code. Newly required queries are much more complex, so we won't allow query overrides through the config anymore, but the database is abstracted away behind an interface, so it is possible to develop your own implementation. It's even possible to completely get rid of the database, which is a fairly common request when people want to use Traccar just for device communication and forward location data to some other service. It would also potentially be possible to connect Traccar to some NoSQL database. Traccar 5.0 still has the internal cache for now, but we expect to remove it in one of the next minor releases.

There are also lots of improvements to various existing device protocols and two new protocols:

We plan to release the next update soon after this to address any initial bugs in the modern web app, so if you prefer stability over cutting edge you can wait a bit longer for a more stable release.

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