Traccar Client 2.0 for iOS

September 1, 2015

Traccar Client version 2.0 for iOSĀ is now available on the App Store. This is a major update for the app which brings it on par with Android version of Traccar Client.

Main changes to the app:

Starting from this release Traccar Client for iOS will use HTTP protocol to send data to the server. On Traccar Server side it's known as OsmAnd protocol and it works on port 5055 by default. This change will slightly increase data usage, but it will make location updates much more stable and prevent the app from losing some data when mobile device loses connectivity.

Buffering of GPS data was in Android version of the Traccar Client for a while, but for the iOS app it's a completely new feature. It's based on the Core Data framework and the GPS data is backed up in the persistent storage (stored in a file), so even if the app restarts the data won't get lost.

Localization is another big feature that was missing in the iOS version of Traccar Client. Release 2.0 adds following languages to the app in addition to the default English one: German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. More languages will be added in the next release. If you want to add support for your native language, please contact me.

This release involved quite a few big changes in the code, so probably there will be a number of bugs. Please report any issues on GitHub bug tracker. If you want to receive news and updates about Traccar Client or Traccar Server software, you can subscribe to the project newsletter.

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