Traccar Client 3.11 for Android

May 1, 2016

Traccar Client 3.11 for Android is available for download on Google Play. There are some important improvement and fixes in this release.

From time to time I have been receiving feedback from users that Traccar Client stops working after some period of time on Samsung phones. Turns out Samsung has developed a memory manager called Samsung SPCM which actively kills background processes presumably to improve battery life. There is a way to disable SPCM service, but it requires root access and some technical knowledge. New Traccar Client release uses standard Android alarm manager to wake up background process in case it got killed. It checks service every 15 minutes, so there still might be some gaps in location reporting, but it's a huge improvement nevertheless.

Another issue that has been fixed with this release is too frequent location reporting. Before if some other app requested GPS location with higher frequency than Traccar Client, Android would report updates with the highest requested frequency. In some cases this resulted in Traccar Client reporting positions every second spamming the server. New version fixes this issue by filtering out extra updates.

All above fixes and improvements have been implemented in version 3.10, but because of the crash bug in that release, I had to quickly release a 3.11 build shortly after 3.10. Check Google Play for new app version if you haven't updated to the latest release of the app yet.

Along with Traccar Client for Android, I have released an update for iOS version as well. The only improvement in Traccar Client for iOS is settings validation. There were a number of crash reports caused by incorrect configuration parameters (server address, port number etc). Now app will inform user if settings are invalid instead of crashing. Check the App Store for Traccar Client version 3.0 if you are iOS user.

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