Traccar Client 3.8 for Android

January 29, 2016

Traccar Client 3.8 for Android is available for download from Google Play or as an APK file. This release fixes some common issues and introduces a very exciting new feature.

There is now an option to create launcher app shortcuts to start and stop tracking service. It means that you can automate Traccar Client using third party apps like Tasker or Automate. It will allow users to schedule tracking for particular time (e.g. work hours) or more complicated scenarios allowed by automation apps. To create shortcuts click "Add shortcuts" in the menu.

Since release of Traccar Client 3.3 there were numerous issues with device identifier. The problem was that previous releases buffered unsent data with original device id, so if user changed device id and original id was not registered on the server, he was receiving confusing send errors in status. Now the unsent buffered is cleared when user changes the device identifier, so this problem should be solved now.

This version includes some other minor bug fixes reported on Google Play and GitHub. All settings fields are now validated, so if user enters invalid data, it would reject the change and app will not crash in attempt to parse invalid parameters.

New release includes some minor changes to the app launcher icon to better match Google material design guidelines. App also has been localized to Italian language.

There are still some important items left in the backlog, so I hope to release more updates later this year. Subscribe to the newsletter to get news and updates about Traccar apps and server software.

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