Traccar Client 4.2

May 14, 2017

Traccar Client 4.2 for Android and iOS platforms has been released. Android version is already available on Google Play and official Traccar website for download. iOS version is waiting for Apple review and should be available on App Store in a couple of days.

This release contains two main improvements:

All previous versions of the Traccar Client app only allowed to select fixed reporting interval. This release adds two new parameters: distance and angle. Distance is specified in meters. Angle is specified in degrees. Default values are zero or empty which means those parameters are disabled by default. You can enable either of the options separately, or both at the same time. You can't completely disable time frequency, but you can set it to some high number effectively disabling it. Note that on Android specifying distance and angle may increase battery usage because it would require device to keep GPS enabled all the time.

This new release also includes support for more languages. If you want to add your native language to the app you can help by providing localization on the Transifex project page. Android app includes support for all languages that have been provided on Transifex. iOS version will have most popular ones, and in one of the next releases remaining translations will be included in the app.

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