Best OBD Tracker Device

stephenc5 years ago

I bought one of these and failed to get it working. I posted asking for help on this website forum and only with this help did I discover it was faulty and returned it.

Since then, I've bought at TKStar OBD2 which was really easy to setup using the supported website at I've just posted asking for help to use it on Traccar as this is a well supported professional site.

If you do go for this type of tracker, I had a few problems with the sim but found that a giffgaff sim worked immediately and without any issues.

HJvD5 years ago

Spend some time looking for a ODB tracker device that supports 3G connectivity. Most of the devices only support gprs. Any ideas?

nishichopra5 years ago

OBD GPS Car Tracker VT200 – A one-stop solution for all vehicle safety issues.

The VT200 is a premier vehicle tracking device and as it is connected to the OBD Port, it can provide real-time diagnostics information for your vehicle. You’ll also get stats for engine performance and fuel efficiency which can make even a novice driver turn to a smarter and efficient drive. The device takes care of everything in the safety department with its real-time GPS Tracking Feature, Geo-Fence Notification, and Multi-Alarm System.

For more details about VT200, please visit the below link.

nishichopra5 years ago

4G Wi-Fi OBD Tracker VT400 – Sometimes basic isn’t enough
The VT400 employs the technology of both Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity for car tracking purposes. The result is a more precise and accurate position of your car which is accessible from anywhere, anytime.
To know more follow the below link.

RichardG2 years ago

Huasheng HS-3000G, HS-4000G & HS-4000W all work well. One thing that is strange, there are a lot of online/offline messages that show up, which we havent gotten to the bottom of. Send me a PM or reach out if you want to know more about it - OBD Tracking Device