reliable OBD device needed

amjadn4 years ago


I'm looking to choose a reliable obd device to work with, which can support maximum data events (time, lat,lon,alt, accurancy, speed, course, rpm, ignition, fuel, distance, total distance, kilometrage).

and can support high rate of updates, up to every 15 seconds good enough

please write me suggestions please and link to buy if it is possible


amjadn4 years ago

Also a device that can send me data on car/engine issues maybe

Vjoycar-Eva4 years ago
amjadn4 years ago

Can I configure this device to connect to mu server?

Vjoycar-Eva4 years ago

Yes, we could provide protocol file, so you can integrate with your server.

If you want to learn more product details, please contact to me

Kevin4 years ago

Hello, I'm also interested in this!
Are you satisfied? Do you have maybe some demo?

@vjoycar-Eva im also interested in that device, could you provide me some demo?

Vjoycar-Eva4 years ago


Yes, i just replied u by email with demo account info.