Gmail Configuration

Gmail is one of the most popular free email services. To configure Gmail for notifications in Traccar follow steps below.

Assuming that you are using two factor authentication for your Google account, first you have to create an app password:

Add following lines to the Traccar configuration file:

<entry key='mail.smtp.port'>587</entry>
<entry key='mail.smtp.starttls.enable'>true</entry>
<entry key=''></entry>
<entry key='mail.smtp.from'></entry>
<entry key='mail.smtp.auth'>true</entry>
<entry key='mail.smtp.username'></entry>
<entry key='mail.smtp.password'>YourPassword</entry>

You have to replace following items in the above configuration:

Note that recepient address is your Traccar user email address. Default "admin" is not a valid address, so if you are using default account, you need to update email address to be a valid one.