Traccar has partnered with LocationIQ for free addresses / maps for all users.

With a fresh install of Traccar, users have access to LocationIQ's geocoding APIs with 1000 requests per day out of the box. To increase the limit to 5000 requests per day for free, please signup for an account at https://locationiq.com/register to get your own access token. This access token has to be configured inside your Traccar config file.

Larger limits available via a paid plan at https://locationiq.com/pricing and additional discounts are available for Traccar users.

LocationIQ provides a suite of location related APIs including addresses, map tiles, routing, geolocation and more. For geocoding, LocationIQ combines multiple datasets (OpenAddress, GNAF, OSM, Geonames, etc) to provide affordable geolocation APIs with worldwide coverage.

Map APIs
Reverse Geocoding
Forward Geocoding
Autocomplete API
Routing API
Geolocation API