By default Traccar uses an embedded H2 database, but we don't recommend for it for production. If you want to use another SQL database instead, you can replace the following lines in the configuration file:

<entry key='database.driver'>org.h2.Driver</entry>
<entry key='database.url'>jdbc:h2:./data/database</entry>
<entry key='database.user'>sa</entry>
<entry key='database.password'></entry>

Configuration parameters for PostgreSQL (replace [HOST], [DATABASE], [USER], [PASSWORD] with appropriate values; for a local database use localhost as HOST):

<entry key='database.driver'>org.postgresql.Driver</entry>
<entry key='database.url'>jdbc:postgresql://[HOST]/[DATABASE]</entry>
<entry key='database.user'>[USER]</entry>
<entry key='database.password'>[PASSWORD]</entry>