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Tracking Server

From: $50.00 / month

Dedicated tracking server optimized for a selected number of devices. If you need a server for more than 200 devices please contact sales.




Own tracking server. Device limits are not strictly enforced. Size indicates that hardware specs of the server are optimal for specified number of devices.

Subscription includes:

  • Own logo and branding
  • All features provided by Traccar platform
  • Email and forum support for any issues
  • Server is upgraded on request
  • Custom domain name support

Server is running with default configuration. Configuration modifications are possible on request.

To get address information in status and reports, you need to get an option with “reverse geocoding” included. SMS notifications are not included in the subscription.

Server is not provisioned instantly. It can take up to 24 hours for your server to be created.

Additional information

Server Size

50 devices, 200 devices

Reverse Geocoding

None, Included