New Website

April 10, 2015

Traccar project keeps growing and it is time to update its design and add more functionality for users to interact with it.

Originally all information about the project was hosted on SourceForge wiki page.

In 2012 year I registered TRACCAR.ORG domain name and created a simple static website for the project using a free HTML template from internet. For hosting I chose Google Apps Engine platform and have used it for a very long time since then.

Project kept growing and required frequent updates of the website and in 2013 year I decided to create a repository for it instead of just keeping source files on Dropbox. Soon after creating repository I had changed website to use Bootstrap framework to make it responsive and therefore provide better experience for mobile users.

In the end of 2014 I decided to switch from plain HTTP to secure HTTPS protocol. Certificate was provided by GlobalSign company for free under their special offer for open source projects. Free Google Apps Engine does not support secure connection, so I moved website to OpenShift hosting by Red Hat that provides free hosting with SSL support.

Now it is time for another major update. Traccar website is now powered by free Wordpress CMS and is hosted on Amazon EC2 platform. The main reason for the switch is to provide more interactivity for the users by adding blog and forums to the website.

Blog will be used to announce releases and news and publish interesting information related to GPS tracking.

Forum will partially replace GitHub issue tracker. The idea is to keep GitHub issues for bug tracking and feature requests. Everything else should go into the forum including discussions around GPS tracking, selection and configuration of GPS tracking devices and other general topics.

Feel free to provide feedback about the new website here in comments or on the forum. I hope you like it.

Discuss it on the forum.