Traccar Server

traccar on windows server 2022 IIS not working3 minutes agoPallra3
Hours Calculation - Ignition flag not in message3 hours agoJoystick2
device moving/stopped notifications not generated6 hours agojafar habibi2
skiptAttribute if "event" is not 08 hours agojafar habibi2
Adjust device popup positioning12 hours agoTurbovix3
Traccar Portal is getting slow and disconnected after sometime13 hours agoAbhijit6
Time formata day agogaskoo3
HikariPool-1 SQLTransientConnectionException Timeout Issuea day agoHamza7
Upgrading to 6.2 Instructions2 days agoNunosan9992
(Logs) - ERROR: CHECK INVOICES a day agosecursat4
Temporary switch13 hours agoMindreader12
Log 12 hours agoozz_wizard5
Teltonika FMC003 OBD Params not recordeda day agomichalis956
5.9 version2 days ago12057
teltonika live view2 days agohoma7