Traccar Server

Filter responses packets Teltonika4 days agoPeter Flower4
Add sliding images in the background of the Login page5 days agoss881
Sinotrack St-901A+ at traccar server - Haubao protocol5 days agoDariusz4
report.ignoreOdometer true not considered in report5 days agoGps man6
Forward url per device / user5 days agoJames McBride3
recompli traccar app after modification on file5 days agohelmicss9
Selfhosted Traccar seems to prevent my CJ720 (h02) trackers go to sleep2 days agopeewee674
How to customize / format the Reverse Geocode Data ?2 days agoWim7
Limit frequency reporting interval3 days agoMacan3
send sms5 days agojack s7
Geofence id in computed attribute5 days agoJames McBride3
Updated to 4.10, Server Restarts approx every 10 min.5 days agoGlenn Miler9
Build custom reports or report tool5 days agoDan5
OpenRailwayMap6 days agoMark Bailey7
Fixing encoding for MySQL 7 days agoAnton Tananaev1