Traccar 4.10

July 25, 2020

Traccar server version 4.10 is available for download. It has been less than a month since last release, but there were some important updates and fixes, so we decided to publish another release.

The biggest new feature is support for push notifications directly to official Traccar mobile apps. With this change you don't need to publish your own custom apps to get native push notifications on Android and iOS. You can use the API key from your account on this website for push. Make sure to enable Traccar notificator in the config to access this new feature.

We are continuing work on the new web app. We have made a simplified version of route report available in this release. Feedback and contributions are welcome. We will continue working on the new web app to eventually migrate all existing functionality.

Another great news, that's not directly related to this version, is the release of a new mobile app - Traccar SMS Gateway. It's an app that allows you to use your Android phone as an SMS gateway for Traccar notifications. And of course it's fully open source and free.

An updated version of map library in previous release caused an issue on mobile devices. With this release we downgraded the map library for now until there is a fix available in a newer version.

We also increased default service watchdog timer on Linux to avoid restart loop on slow initialization.

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