Build from Source

Traccar server consists of the back-end and the web interface. Make sure you get both repositories if you want web interface to work. Web interface is a git submodule in the main Traccar repository, so you can checkout everything you need with a single git command:

git clone --recursive

Build process contains of two parts. First is compiling server back-end from Java source code. Second one is creating installation files for various operating systems. Second part is most complicated and it's not required unless you want to distribute your application.

In most cases all you need is to build Traccar from source code and replace original files on the server with newly compiled ones.

Following instructions are only for building server side. Android and iOS apps are standard Android Studio and Xcode projects, so there are no special instructions required.


Traccar is a Maven project. You need Java SDK version 8 or higher to build the project. For building the project I recommend one of the following options:


Eclipse is not recommended because of the number of reported problems with Eclipse Maven plugin.

Command Line

Make sure you have recent version of Java JDK installed. To generate binary files execute "./gradlew assemble" command in the terminal.

Compiling Web Interface

Web interface is written in JavaScript, so it doesn't generally require compiling. Release version of Traccar uses compressed version of web interface where all JavaScript are combined into one and minified. That's done for performance reasons.

If you modify web interface files, there are two deployment options:

Generate Installer (optional)

The only reason you would want to generate installer is to distribute your version of Traccar server.

You need to have Linux on Mac system as the script is designed for Linux. I recommend the latest version of Ubuntu or the latest version macOS. If you are using Windows, you can install Ubuntu in a virtual machine.

To generate installer, execute "setup/" shell script in the terminal. The script will check all requirements and show if anything is missing and where to download missing package.