Traccar Client

When server have changed default speed units Client is reporting wrong speed15 hours agoPrzemysław Gubernat3
GPS sensor ON-OFF22 days agoAnthony Briolas7
not-a-virus:HEUR:Monitor.AndroidOS.23 days agoj arauj2
Hidden app do not work2 days agoAngel7
Changeloga month agoDave4
My reported speed is far less than actuala month agoAhmad2 password reseta month agomisosz1
Hidden client does not removed from launchera month agoCybersushi2
Client Offline- vacation 3 weeksa month agoGegges112
Release client app to Google playstore2 months agoMacan4
Send SOS addition to Traccar client2 months agoSri Ramadoss M5
Dont update as setting2 months agoAnders Yuran5
i have problem with date format 2 months agoimran4
Traccar Client for tracking of sailing yachtsa month agoRonnie Zeiller5
How to set up IOS and Android Client for sending driverUniqueId ?2 months agoMarcin6