Change vehicle icon

Jonathan Ortiz10 months ago

Please someone has managed to change the SVG icons for custom icons, I was using inkscape and illustrator but I have not managed to change the icons, even though I checked the id of the svg images. But without success. Someone who can support me. Thank you.

huismori9 months ago


I also want to change icons but no luck, is it actually possible ?

Thanks in advance

Jonathan Ortiz9 months ago

Hi, if possible. The issue is that there is a special configuration when creating the SVG of the icons.

huismori9 months ago

I couldnt find any documentation for this .

MJ9 months ago

Have a look at the bottom of your language file in /web/l10n/. I had success by modifying the original SVG's into new ones and matching the names in the language file, like this:

New icon: caravan.svg

Addition to language file: "categoryCaravan": "Caravan",

Of course, you will need to modify every language file to make the name/s available in all languages. If you simply want to modify an original icon, just mod it and ftp, replacing the original with the same name.

Jonathan Ortiz9 months ago

Gracias. Lo probaré.

MJ8 months ago

I forgot to mention, if you add new icons you need to add them to window.Images at the bottom of /web/load.js

window.Images = ['arrow', 'default', 'animal', 'caravan'];

huismori8 months ago

Hi MJ,

thanks for the tip, it Works good but only there is problem;

When I click an icon on the map, icon changes to something else, not same icon gets bigger !

How did you solve it ?


huismori8 months ago

Well ok I found it, it is about the svg image, i used different editör now it lokks ok.


luigi3 months ago

Hello guys!

I been trying to change icons, I tried to follow the steps MJ to add /web/load.js and in the language folder. However, it does not work when I go to Category I can see the new option but is blank without name or logo display and It does not allow me to choose that option. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Cheer guys!

Claudio Carrasco2 months ago

Hi, what editor I should to use?


huismoria month ago