Help Needed with RF-V8

Cat Trackera year ago

RF-V16's been on the market 5+ years and I don't know of any other GPS under 30 grams with such good 2-way voice auto-answered and 40-hr battery life w. 10-min updates.

Just a few points. If your V16 is ignoring any and all ip,port,surl (domain name), as well as the apn,ijkl,,pip,1234,port,5678# commands you probably forgot to turn off tracking, goff#, because it won't disconnect the gprs to change ip/port. You need to goff# first and then gon# to resume which many of the others do automatically.

Also keep in mind that it's identified with the 10-digit Tracker ID number and it doesn't transmit the full 15-digit IMEI. I've had problems with servers telling me the 10 digits are invalid. You can change the ID with an SMS command I don't recall off-hand but it'd be problematic if you use the same ID someone else is using.

I've been using V16s side by side against Minifinder Pico/Eview EV-07S (2G), 3G EV-07W, 4G EV-07B and its voice quality is almost as good as the listed Medic Alert pendants selling for $300 + at retail. But the V16 without AGPS has more and larger random jumps bigger than 10 meters, sometimes 20 meters, which is rare on the "safety-grade" units. For a cat that's a stay-at-home mom the V16 isn't accurate enough to tell me she's stayed on my property because of too many spurious jumps.

Lastly as to the V16's protocol's name, GPSWOX calls it "u05" and takes it on port 6013. When you add a tracker at GPSWOX they don't ask you who made it or it's model number. All they ask is the tracker ID number where I mistakenly gave them an 11-digit ID which they accepted and, duh, that's why my V16 was off-line, because I added a digit. So there's pros and cons to checking for valid ID.

Boris K. in Germany with on the Register page I selected the exact model RF-V16, and then informed me that the 10-digit IDs for two different brand-new devices have invalid IDs. And both worked fine with labeled IDs at ReachFar server, gps123. But GPSWOX had no problem taking an 11-digit ID and not ever asking name or model #.