New device: HS-4000W ODB 4G

HJvD4 years ago


Installed a ODB GPS traccer. Data is comming in, but no result in the front end of Traccar. Port set to 5002. Checked the tracker-server.log and the hex rule that is decoded is as folows:

G4K_H1.1_V1.1.d and then 866758040292878 (identifier) and then 3440640 after that some information about the mobile provider.

What can I do to make this work?

HJvD4 years ago
HJvD4 years ago


Having a forum issue with myselves! Found the solution. Switched to port 5111 like other Huasheng devices. Working fine right now.

Ernesto Vallejo4 years ago

I'm looking for this kind of devices (OBD ones). I already tried Meitrack and Queclink, GPS Tracker with average-to-bad results.
Please let me know if this device meets your requirements and if you recommend it. Thanks.

HJvD4 years ago

Hi Ernesto,

Working fine at this moment. Looked after a day driving at the data usage, and that is high (comparing with a TK05) I think in one day I've used for about 30 Mb.

Want to test the data from my car (accu and so on) as well. Where can I start to read about the configuration for this?

AhmadL4 years ago

Hello HJvD,

i have same device, i want to ask you how do you read obd information (fuel consumption, DTC,harsh acceleration, braking,....etc ) with traccar platform?
can you help me?

HJvD4 years ago

Well, actually I can't. I've been looking around for myself as well for these futures to install but I can't get it working, my technical knowledge is not big enough. You can also look at the hex information in the log what info the gps-traccer is sending you. From what I read you have to start with the protocol (huasheng) and find if there is a possibility to extract this information. After that you have to make a set of rules to extract the information.

AhmadL4 years ago

yeah i start reading the communication protocol ( huasheng ), but that hard way i'm trying to find easier one.