Recomandation for international Prepaid GSM Data for GPS pay per use

dagobara year ago

What international prepaid (no contract or ID card) providers do you use ?
Preferably pay per use & no expiration.
(Avoid thingsmobile they are crocks... false advertising & no refund, also request ID).

Adrian10 months ago

I use a local sim with an international datapackage that has no expiry. It's a swiss provider and can only be bought here...

dagobar10 months ago

Could you provide a link, please ?

Meanwhile I also found and start testing a local provider (Romania) with 10 month expiration date on the credit at 0,02E/MB. initial price and credit 5E on the SIM.
Every 1E top-up renew to 10 month expiration date, no more than 10 months.
It has also roaming but I'm not sure about the prices since I can't found them on their site.

Adrian10 months ago

Its in German, but here we go: