ST-901W issues

rubenigl4 months ago

Hi there,
I have a ST-901W with some issues.

The devide is working well, the SIM is working well, but:

  • once the device is sleeping, the only way to wake up it, is connecting the ACC power, nor SMS neither call can wake up it
  • when I call the device my phone dial, the device answer and I have a beautiful silence conversation with the tracker until I hang off. I never recieve de report SMS after a call
  • the 712XXX command is not working

Can anyone help me with that?


Richard Acosta4 months ago

That's how it's supposed to work. If you need it to have a diferent way, you must configure it for it.

You will learn a lot if you start reading the manufacturer's manual.

Sitha23 days ago

Dear sir/madam,

I have bought a ST-901(ST-901W 3G/4G) from local market in Sri Lanka.

It's not allowed to change my password. When I tried to do it "Sorry authority is limited".

Also it shows my profile as a "Group user".

It shows local seller's name as the "provider" in Sinotrack Pro application.

Can you please help me to clarify this thing.

Thank you!
Best regards.

Richard Acosta22 days ago

That's something you need to clarify with your device's vendor and/or by reading device's manual.
You may have bought a used device, or factory locked.