Teltonika FMT 100 + motorcycle gyro detection

Lacia month ago

I have a Teltonika FMT 100 device installed in my motorcycle.
My self-hosted Traccar server works fine, I've been notified about Online status, Moving, Entering Geofences etc..
I would like to know if the device can detect small movements somehow?
For example when the motorbike was overturned, or someone pushed one meter away.

Thank you for the help!


Joysticka month ago

Set instant movement to high in the configurator. Set as "On Change"
It detects movement without delay and send it as io303

Lacia month ago

I have only movement field, and it was already set as "On change".
Any other idea?
Could I use some way Axis X Axis Y and Axis Z data, to detect minor motions?