Thank you :-)

DerekTPa year ago

I just wanted to say "Thank you" for Traccar! I'm a freelance Windows developer and my client needed a solution to track his vehicle delivery jobs. I found Traccar yesterday and since it seemed to fit the bill, I tentatively installed on our Windows server. Everything just worked! Only issue was I'd messed up the user permissions on the MySql d/b (my fault entirely) so I had to force-stop the service. But once corrected, all good. I've got an ancient and tiny cellphone (Android 4.x, Kitkat!) but again the client installed without any issue. Setup the server URL and started the client service; minor issue due to firewall on the server (again my fault, I knew it needed port 8082 open - doh!). Fixed that, added the device ID on the server webpage and hey presto! There's my device, located exactly in the right place.
The web interface is comprehensive (if it takes a little getting used to). As a (vital) bonus there's a really simple-to-use API, which was the essential link we need to integrate vehicle locations into our existing application. Even better, as I've switched to using MySql, we can access the raw data using our existing data access framework, and the database is simply-structured and easy to use.
My guess is that since so much of this functionality is totally free, and installed on 3rd party servers, you don't get much feedback when things go well. I felt I wanted to express my congratulations and thanks for making all this available, and so simple to get up and running. It's very very early days for us as yet but, provided the client software works on all the devices we need (our drivers' personal phones, essentially) without massive battery or compatibility issues, this looks to be the perfect solution.
Once again, thank you!