Notificators and SMS manager

Information on this page is outdated as of Traccar 4.12.

Term "notificator" introduced in 4.0 version. It is the way how traccar can notify users about events, basically transport used for notification.

Now traccar not limited by only three ways (web, email, SMS). They are still available by default, but can be extended or replaced.

New notificators can be developed and easily integrated without modifying main traccar code.

Some configuration parameters related to notificators:

SMS manager

SMS manager is the class used to deliver SMS messages, can be used for sending commands and notifications.

Default traccar implementation uses SMPP protocol. It can be overridden by custom implementation in sms.manager.class configuration parameter.

SMS manager for default SMS notificator can be overridden in notificator.sms.manager.class configuration parameter.


By default only web and mail notificators are enabled.

To enable SMS notifications you need to add sms notificator to the list

<entry key='notificator.types'>web,mail,sms</entry>

Enable system-wide SMS manager (it also be used to send commands) ...

<entry key='sms.enable'>true</entry>

... or override SMS manager for SMS notificator (it be used to send notifications only) ...

<entry key='notificator.sms.manager.class'>org.traccar.smpp.SmppClient</entry>

In case you want use SMS only for notification, you do not need to enable system-wide SMS manager and you need to override notificator.sms.manager.class parameter by default SMPP implementation org.traccar.smpp.SmppClient or custom implemented java class.

... then configure SMPP client according to your SMPP provider

<entry key=''></entry>
<entry key='sms.smpp.port'>2345</entry>
<entry key='sms.smpp.username'>systemId</entry>
<entry key='sms.smpp.password'>password</entry>
<entry key='sms.smpp.notificationsCharset'>GSM</entry>
<entry key='sms.smpp.notificationsDataCoding'>0</entry>
<entry key='sms.smpp.sourceAddress'>+79000000000</entry>

There might be a reason to have two different SMS managers simultaneously:

Notes for developers

Custom SMS manager must implement interface org.traccar.sms.SmsManager

Custom notificator must be successor of org.traccar.notificators.Notificator

Here are some clues for implementing custom notificator: Custom notificator example.