davejh 2 years ago

Well I have a spare mobile that has an unlimed sms and data plan. this mobile has an android app that scans my email for new traccar notifications. Any messages it finds with a phone number in the subject field will be sent as a sms to that number which is the number of the mobile I carry with me. The app needs the email subject field to be formatted in a particular way. I have edited the subject field in the email templates in traccar in the way the Android app needs as per the example below. The reason I need this is that I travel all over the UK to some remote places where I cant get emails but I can get sms messages. This android app is called emailtosmsgateway and it works very well. and it eliminates the need to use which saves me money.

#set($subject = "ets:$")
<!DOCTYPE html>
Device: $<br>
Time: $dateTool.format("YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss", $event.serverTime, $locale, $timezone)<br>
Link: <a href="$webUrl?eventId=$">$webUrl?eventId=$</a>