Android client battery usage

Rob Connolly3 years ago

Hi All,

First of all, thanks for the awesome software. I just set up Traccar on my server and it's working really well except for one problem:

I am using the Android client on my phone (an LG Nexus 5X running LineageOS 14.1). All the app settings are set to the defaults except for the server address and device ID. The client seems to be using a large amount of battery power and potentially holding a wake lock.

The following screenshot shows the power usage after about 6 hours of very light phone usage (it was mostly sitting on my desk). The main power management screen reports that Traccar used 6% of the battery during that time:

Does anyone have and idea how to mitigate this? Perhaps there are some adjustments to the app settings that I can use.

Thanks in advance!

webo3 years ago

I would say that's pretty normal as GPS is quite battery intensive. The most straight-forward way to reduce battery usage is making the reporting interval longer so it's not activating the GPS as much.

The consequence is that infrequent reporting might not capture as much data as you'd like but that's a trade-off you'll need to weigh and is dependent on your use case.

It would be nice if the app used the accelerometer in the phone to detect if the phone is moving and start collecting positions then but that's a pretty complex feature.