Average data consumption ?

kevinoriej6 years ago

Hello everyone, I am new here.

The question I have is:

which is the average data consumption of a tk103B?

my service provider offers me several data plans. 400 MB, 800 MB, 1536 MB
I need to know what is the size in kilobytes or megabytes on average, when the unit sends the location to the server.
It will be sufficient only 400 megabytes or more?? considering that the vehicle does not move much daily
I do not want to choose a very expensive plan that is not consumed in its entirety.

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

It all depends on the frequency of messages, but I think 400 MB should be enough anyway.

fabrizio6 years ago

I have noran devices. I think all devices are pretty much similar. I have calculated that with an update ever 3-4 minutes the device shouldn't use more than 30-40 MB a month as 1 ping was in the order of less than a KB. Do remember that providers are a little slimy on this side. Here in Tanzania where I operate from they have a minimum charge of 10kb for every connection whether you use it or not and that got my bills skyrocketing.. So even if my data was 1kb they were charging 10kb.. Do check with your provider what the terms and conditions are as these guys can basically do what they want.. Be very sure to read carefully the contract as you do not want any surprise..!!!