Best device for food truck

umair975 a year ago

I'm looking for compatible tracking hardware to be installed on food trucks the only additional thing needed in addition to tracking is the ability to cut off engine power or fuel supply.

Can anyone recommend a reliable hardware.

Anton Tananaev a year ago

I think majority of wired trackers support engine cut off. If you want reliability, you should probably go with some known brand, but it will cost more than some no-name Chinese device. Can't recommend any specific device though.

Vidma a year ago

Hello, umair975
I may help you with the decision. Teltonika products are considered high quality. Could you write me in: and I will help you choose the best one.

a4tech a year ago

try using Trackimos 3G GPS device, i've attached it to my delivery truck

Vidma a year ago

Hello, a4tech,

Could you give me your contact number? I would like to ask you a few questions about the device.

a4tech a year ago

Hi Vidma,

for your questions you can send it to me via email.