Can´t build Android bundle on traccar manager

cristian6 months ago

Hello Anton Tananaev or someone else I´m having issues when I tray to create my apk or android bundle I get the flollowing errors

Unresolved reference: MainFragment
Unresolved reference: MainActivity

I´m using the last version of android studio and traccarmanager sourcecode the problem is in kotlin files

If some one knows how to fix it please tell me.

Anton Tananaev6 months ago

Have you made any changes? It should compile just fine.

cristian6 months ago

Hello Anton I have already compiled the project and succesfully created the apk with the option "regular release" but firebase is not working if I use google release the app doesn´t open in android devices.

Im using the last source code of traccar manager. previusly y hace used an old version without problems.

I haven´t updated the graddle plugin the only changes that I made are:

  1. add google-services.json file
  2. refactor the name of the app

Do you recomend to update graddle pluggins?

Anton Tananaev6 months ago

To build Google flavor you need to update Gradle script.