Error modern app after Login

Everton2 months ago

Hello everything is fine?

I'm getting the below errors on these endpoints: api/devices, api/geofences, api/groups, api/drivers, api/maintenance , and api/calendars .

Erro: HTTP 401 Unauthorized-WebApplicationException(SecurityRequestFilter: 132<...<OverrideFilter: 49<...)

Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this?
Made Register and Login, but after I get this erros.

Anton Tananaev2 months ago

The error means you're not logged in.

Everton2 months ago

But can you understand why you are being logged out? Because in api/session I receive 200, go to home and correct Response according to my user.

Do you have any idea where I should debug to understand the error?

Anton Tananaev2 months ago

Where are you calling those APIs from? Are you sure it's the same origin?

Everton2 months ago

Is not same origin.
My API running in and my frontend in

Whats problem? I wanna using Wont I succes?

Anton Tananaev2 months ago
Evertona month ago

I understand why, thank you for the content and tip shared.

Would you have any tips on how to solve this problem? Knowing that is my landing page, is my API and is my traccar-web modern project.

Anton Tananaeva month ago

Use proxy.