GVT900E "megastek" incorrect Protocol Type in doco

scott lau5 years ago

Protocol file for Megastek GVT900 incorrect says type "Low Extern Voltage"

From Traccar Logs:

$MGV002,,354550056642321,S,271017,140054,,,,,,00,00,00,,0.000,0.00,,0.0,,,,,,0000,1000,14,10,0, , ,,1-0,0,Low Ext Vol;!

No Alerts come to Traccar. This will be the reason for sure. Not a big thing to fix but every little thing helps.

I have reported to Megastek as well.



Anton Tananaev5 years ago

The problem is that there is no location in this message, so Traccar ignored it. I would recommend to submit a request on github to fix it.

scott lau5 years ago

I think what is happening as I look at the logs is that when the GPS Device detects it has "Low External Voltage" then it has dropped the "GPS Antenna" power thereby giving no location to Traccar and therefore no alarm. There probably is a case there to change "Low Battery Voltage" events a free pass into Traccar events. I can see the issue though if you open this up then you need to open up a number of other events that don't report their GPS Location. But this is such a nothing thing in the big scheme. I will put something on GITHUB.