Help: TK06 device

rzjl6 years ago

Hi, I configurate a TK06 device in 5016 port, i checked log and received:


I use HEX DECODER and obtain this but can not see location:


Please help me, what port is correct? I read in forum that for this device is 5016.

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

It is H02 protocol, so the port is correct. Please check following page:

batman6 years ago

I have a problem like that....
My tk06 with port 5013
Can't be receive location and only little second online (cannot long-time online)....

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

@batman, if you want to get help, I would recommend creating a separate thread and providing as much information as possible. You should definitely include logs.

rzjl6 years ago

Hi, After change port I had same problem, I solved problem installing updated last version since source code(not release).
Device connect and disconnect but after install last version, all is right.