How to setup Traccar Server using GT06N ?

I using GT06N and I don't know how to setup server on my device so it can sending data automatically ?
I have using this command SERVER,1,,5023,0#
It's that true ?

Thanks billion!

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

Looks correct if your device supports domain names. You can also try IP address.

What's the device id?

Can you help me how to setup my device ?
My device id is 358899057171707

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

Your device works just fine. You should be able to see data in the web console.

OK. How about command to connect with Traccar Server ?
It is that true ?
Have my device connected to your Traccar Server ?

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

Yes, your device sends data, so the command must have worked.

OK, sometimes it may be works fine. But when other account login and add device with the same id number, it can not detected clearly? Why?
I don't know who recently login with my device id, can you show me who use my device id ?
Thanks billion.

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

Device with this unique id is linked to "far***" account.

Darrylles6 years ago


If I can get this finally working, then a donation is coming - I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to buy a service though.

I have a GT06N and cannot get it to work with TRACCAR server on my machine (I can get the client software to work with my server on an Android 'phone).

I am now trying to connect the GT06N to your demo server and am using "SERVER,1,,5023,0#" with no luck. My IMEI is 358899051761792

I have tried the range of port numbers and the shortened IMEI with '0' prefix - no luck.

Can you tell if it has even tried to connect to your server at all?

I am really hoping I can get this to work - great product!



Anton Tananaev6 years ago

I don't see any messages from your device in the server log.

andre4 years ago

My Skype reisbsitek. I need a help
Thank You

Woldu4 years ago

Hi i cant conect GT06 gps with my phon pleas

Woldu4 years ago

I am ethiopian gps saller i have 29 pcs GT06N gps what shall i do

har4 years ago

Hello Anton,
I using GT06N and I don't know how to setup server on my device.
I have using command


it's correct or not?
Port: 8082 this my system port

Anton Tananaev4 years ago

Port 8082 is NOT for devices. Read documentation on the website please before asking.