LK 206 reciving commands

gpsuser6 years ago


Im using the LK206 tracker that uses the H02 protocol. Does anyone know if I can get it work with reciving commands ? and does somebody have the H02 protocol/documentation in eng ?. I have only been able to find a chinese version.

Everything else works just perfect, device is sending locations etc :)


Anton Tananaev6 years ago

Do you mean sending commands? It should be possible, but the problem is documentation.

Full documentation is in Chinese. I remember I saw English version somewhere, but it was very limited and I can't find it now.

MikeRD036 years ago

I own a LK210 device which seams to be identical to the LK206 internally - at least it answers like a LK206 in H02 protocol.

However I've got an english LKGPS protocol documentation from their server and I hope this will give you the information you need to implement a full GPRS communication for setting/using the device. Would be awsome! Here is my Dropbox link for downloading this paper:

best, Mike

Anton Tananaev6 years ago

Please send me an email if you want to discuss commands implementation.