Manager iOS app push notification

zvizdo7 months ago


I successfully built the application downloaded from the firebase file and placed it in the root directory of the application and used the same Bundle ID and when I test on the simulator the apps run fine but push notifications doesn work.

Now I don't have an apple developer account.

Do I need to have a developer account to use the ios application and to enable push notifications via firebase or can the application be used without an apple developer account?

Anton Tananaev7 months ago

Where do you get the Apple key for push notifications without a developer account?

zvizdo7 months ago

Sorry I mean I used firebase key with traccar.xml file.

I do not have developer account with apple.

So if I understand , without developer account (which cost $99 per year) the push notifications can not be enabled in the iOS Manager app, is that correct?

But, can I just build the app without push notifications and use it without developer account ?


Anton Tananaev7 months ago

A quote from Firebase docs:

To enable sending push notifications through APNs, you need:

An Apple Push Notification Authentication Key for your Apple Developer account. Firebase Cloud Messaging uses this token to send push notifications to the application identified by the App ID.

Without push notifications you can probably build and use it without a developer account, but you won't be able to distribute the app.

zvizdo7 months ago

Thank you very much for explaining.