Manually add Last Update

trump10 months ago


Can I update manually the "last update" time on devices inventory through database? is it safe? mine already mysql.

Thank you for the support!

Anton Tananaev10 months ago

You can, but it won't be reflected in Traccar until you restart the server.

Marcin8 months ago

I would like to insert our trailer in the map to.
With my old system the drivers inserted them with a button in a Website which sendet name and location in DB.
As it seems i cant do that with traccar without restarting server each time after insert?
Is there another way to insert/update a position via Website?
Or can i generate a message in gt06 protocol from website?

Anton Tananaev8 months ago

You can send data using any of the supported protocols.

Marcin8 months ago

:) I think so to :)
But can you give me anexample please?
I tryied with,age=1

But this doesnt affect DB neither webinterface
Can u tell me a way, translating that to the API?
I would like to buy hours from the menu. But only can pay with CC no paypal.
In Donate paypal works

Anton Tananaev8 months ago

What is this:


If anything, it should at least be:

Marcin8 months ago

I copied it from the log from another device and just changed deviceID: More with hope then plan.
But even without komma and age it doesnt affect

Anton Tananaev8 months ago

Don't know what kind of device that was, but it's not a valid URL.

Marcin8 months ago

Maybe you can gimme your paypal for ordering hours?

Anton Tananaev8 months ago

Send an email to the support address.