Megastek GVT-800 Unidentified

SIG Man3 years ago

I pointed my GPS tracker to port 5024, but it is not recognized, I have this HEX log and decoded to


No error nor warning, just this on log:

2019-04-08 23:34:12  INFO: [cf4400a2: 5024 <] HEX: 244d47563030322c3836313530383033303335373539342c2c522c3038303431392c3135333430372c412c313433372e313338392c4e2c31323130332e343930392c452c30302c31312c30362c302e37362c302e3030302c3235362e39302c37322e362c3136312e3335322c3531352c30322c344546452c324635432c31362c30303030303030302c302c2c2c2c2c2c2c2c312d302c39322c2c54696d65723b210d0a

Upgraded version of Traccar to version 4.3

SIG Man3 years ago

I have noticed that compared to existing Megastek protocol, the only difference is the last 3 values before 'Timer', is it possible to ignore these values?

SIG Man3 years ago

Any clue to take to address my issue please, anyone?